What Is The Magic Hanger?

What’s The Use Of Magic Hangers?

First, what is the magic hanger? Magic clothes hanger is a special kind of clothes hanger. It is a large clothes hanger composed of several small clothes hangers, which can not only save the drying space, but also ensure the clothes to dry quickly. The reason why it is called magic clothes hanger is that when it is stored, the clothes hanger can be folded and put into the wardrobe, thus achieving the effect that multiple clothes only occupy one position, and saving a lot of space compared with ordinary clothes hangers.

Second, what is the use of magic hangers It is not difficult to use the magic clothes hanger, which can be used just like ordinary clothes hangers. The magic clothes hanger is mainly used for drying, storing and displaying clothes:

  1. Drying Hang the hooks at both ends on the clothes drying rod or on the roof with ropes, and then hang the dried clothes in each hole or space, so that the clothes do not touch each other and keep the drying space.
  2. Storage Hang the hooks of the magic clothes hanger on the cross bar of the wardrobe, and then put the clothes to be stored on the magic clothes hanger. After putting them away, put down the hooks at one end to store the clothes in series, which can save a lot of wardrobe space. When taking clothes, lift the hanging hook at one end and hang it on the crossbar, and then put one end down after choosing clothes.
  3. Display Clothing sellers usually use magic clothes hangers when selling clothes. Clothes of the same color or size are put together with magic clothes hangers, which is convenient for display and selection by customers.

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