Make Money Online in the simplest ways

Let's make money online with Ola City by doing simple tasks such as: watching advertisements, downloading applications, sharing articles, sharing commercial links,... unlimited income! Rewards for referring members in 7 levels of your team.

1.What is Ola City?

Ola City is a platform that helps members take advantage of their free time to earn more income by performing some simple tasks such as registering an account, watching ads, downloading apps ... Or you can save money by joining the cashback program when shopping at thousands of online and offline stores affiliated with Ola City.


2. How to make money with Ola City?

There are 3 main ways to make money with Ola City: + Participate in the implementation of tasks given by Ola City such as: download the app to receive 5,000 VND to 60,000 VND per time, complete a survey and receive 5,000 VND to 100,000 VND per survey, view an advertisement and receive 50 VND to 1,000 VND per view... + Use the cashback feature of Ola City to shop at Vietnam's leading e-commerce sites as well as offline stores affiliated with Ola City to get a refund of 3% - 50% depending on each partner. + Introduce your friends to make money with Ola City and receive a 3% bonus on the total sales of all members in your 7 levels system. For example, if you introduce 10 people, then these 10 people each introduce 10 more people, you will have 110 people in your team. For every person earning from Ola City 1.000.000 VND each, you will get a team bonus of (110 % x 1.000.000 VND) x 3% = 3.300.000 VND


3. Does Ola City charge a fee or sell anything to me?

Ola City is a completely free program, without any membership fees. Ola City also does not sell any products to members, but only introduces to members the products and services of reputable affiliate partners with well-known brands in the market. Mostly, Ola City will manage campaigns and tasks to help members make money completely free.


4. How much money can I make with Ola City?

This is all up to you. With each action such as downloading apps, watching ads, doing surveys ... you will receive from 1,000 VND to VND 500,000 VND depending on the campaign. Your time and effort will commensurate with what you can get. In addition, Ola City also allows you to build a team to make money with you and you will enjoy the percent of the income on the total team that you build.


5. What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

With Ola City, the minimum amount you can withdraw is only 100,000 VND for payment method via VNDC Wallet Pro and 200,000 VND for bank account. An extremely small number that you can easily do in just a few simple steps.


6. How can I withdraw my money?

VNDC Wallet Pro, an extremely prestigious stable coin platform in the market.


7. What can I get if I introduce my friends to join Ola City?

When you refer new members to make money with Ola City, you will enjoy income up to 3% of the income of all the members you refer. Commissions are calculated for team members up to 7 levels of the system.


8. Is Ola City is a multi-level marketing firm?

Ola City applies a multi-level affiliate development method to help members easily build a team to work together and create passive income. However, Ola City does not sell at all and does not charge any membership fees to members. So therefore Ola City is not a multi-level marketing firm. Ola City is basically a marketing channel for retail partners to use who are established reputable enterprises in the market place to sell their goods and services. Ola City redistributes the income derived from marketing services for the benefit of its members.


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