Evil Rules

I want a better world, but i am tired fighting alone

Why do i say that evil rules?


It's easy. We forget about friends, about family, about love, about help. All we know is MONEY. How to make money, how to step on dead bodies to have some pices of papers in our pockets. We don't give a fuck about suffering and distruction. Money, media changes us. 

We leave or husband, our wife for money. We only chose a partener in life based on their accounts, not love.  And at the end of our life we realize that we don't have anything.

We worrie that we are fat, or to thin, we worry that we dont't have the latest phone,but we don't worry about our health and happines. 

When was the last time you smiled for you, for a reason, not only to look good i a social media photo?

We make war's to show our power, we gossip to be better for 5 minutes than the person that we gossip about. But in our country, in our family everything is a ruin. But we can not show that to the world, we show only the outside, not the rotten part inside us.


We want a change, but we only talk about it. We want happines but we only show a fake face. 

We can not save others until we save ourself. 


This is something to think about.



Geny Tanase

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