The RLCS is the heart of the Rocket League esports scene

The RLCS is the heart of the Rocket League esports scene

The RLCS is the heart of the Rocket League esports scene, however there are Buy Rocket League Credits a few different large occasions which have helped expand a broader ecosystem and earn the game wider mainstream visibility as properly.

Turner Sports ‘ The ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League is a key tournament, supplying a $150K prize pool for competing groups. The stay-streamed event is then turned into a recap series that is aired on cable community TBS. The first ELEAGUE Cup was held in December 2017.

Another large match is NBC Sports’ Universal Open Rocket League, which charts a completely unique course inside the scene by using providing 2v2 video games in place of the same old 3v3 mode. This summer match started in 2017 and ran once more in 2018, with $100K up for grabs whenever. NBC’s various nearby sports activities networks and larger NBCSN network air special ranges of the tournament.

ESPN has also gotten in on Rocket League, albeit for a one-off event: July 2017’s X Games Invitational, which provided $75K on the Summer X Games in Minneapolis. The occasion changed into live-streamed through ESPN3 and Twitch. Other occasions encompass the Gfinity Elite Series league, that is in its fourth season in Europe and 2nd season in Australia; in addition to the Northern Arena Rocket League Invitational held in Toronto each of the last years.

Outside of the expert scene, Psyonix also runs a Collegiate Rocket League league in partnership with Tespa and awards scholarship price range to winners.

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